Simple But Powerful Ways To Help Your Community


Stop by and shop in our thrift stores!

It is because of our wonderful customers that we are able to turn donations into funds that we use to support our food pantries, homeless shelter and outreach programs. At the Tioga County Open Door Mission we believe strongly in recycling and reusing items in creative new ways. Make sure to check out our Pinterest page for great ideas for fun DIY craft projects you can make with thrift store finds! We love to hear about the different ways people repurpose items they found at the Mission and The Red Door!

Clean Out Your Closets And Declutter!

We all know that we have old tee shirts from high school or those tables in the attic that we have been meaning to get rid of, think of donating those items to the Mission and The Red Door. Just like our shoppers we are so thankful to our community of donors that help support us through their donations. Did you know that the Tioga County Open Door Mission receives no government funding and 85% of funds used in our different outreach programs comes from our thrift stores? We honestly could not do the work we do without your help! Remember because the Mission is a 501 (c) (3) organization you can always write off your donations for taxes purposes.

Follow Us On Social Media!

Although the Mission has been serving Tioga County and beyond since 1968 there are many people that still do not know about what we do. Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and check out our pins on pinterest, we are always looking to find new ways to reach people. We are so thankful to our wonderful friends who share our information with their friends and family on social media.


Donate To Our Food Pantries!

The Tioga County Open Door Mission is proud to have the largest food pantry in Tioga County at our Owego location, and are thrilled to have opened a second location in Lockwood, NY this year. We serve more than 1,000 meals per month through our Owego pantry alone, not including the close 600 additional meals we serve through our men's homeless shelter. We are so thankful to the members of our community that hold food drives to help us keep our shelves stocked. Every donation, big and small, helps, please think of our pantry when grocery shopping.


Don't Forget About The Men In Our Shelter!

The Mission has one of the few men's homeless shelters in our area. Our organization housed men in both our shelter and transitional housing. These men are doing their best to start over and gain the skills they need to move on from the Mission. Our residents are a part of our family. Please think of donating a couple pizzas or some homemade cookies to our shelter, it means the world to the residents!

Donate Your Time!

We love volunteers at the Mission! Please think of us if you are interested in volunteering yourself or with a group, we can always use volunteers! It does not have to be a whole day even just an hour here and there and make a huge different for us! We are so thankful to our wonderful friends that come and volunteer with us!