Meetings At The Red Door

Meetings At The Red Door

359 Broad Street Waverly, NY

  • N.A. Meeting: TUESDAY 7pm "Just For Today"
  • N.A. Meeting: WEDNESDAY 7pm "A Drug Is A Drug Is A Drug"
  • N.A. Meeting: THURSDAY 7pm "Clean And Crazy"
  • :
  • A.A. Meeting: SATURDAY 7 PM "Saturday Night Serenity Group"


*We are always doing our best to fit in more meetings! So our schedule sometimes has new additions.


Open Mic Owego NY

Open Mic Night At The Red Door

Every Thursday night the Red Door holds a substance free Open Mic Night 4-8pm! All are welcome to hang out, play and sing, shop, and of course get a great cup of coffee and a snack from the cafe.

Other Meetings In Our Area

These links provides more materials about meetings in the Waverly area and beyond:

Link to Alcoholics Anonymous Website

Link to Narcotics Anonymous Website

Link to Nar-Anon Website

Link to Al-Anon Website

Unity Service Recover

" I have been attending recovery based meetings at the Red Door on a regular bases for several years. I have personally seen many addicts and alcoholics better their lives as a direct result of having a safe environment such as the Red Door and its passionate personnel.

Prior to the Red Door's existence many meetings had to be held in cold, dingy basements, often in remote locations due to our rural area. I am double amputee and have difficulty climbing or descending down stairs. The Red Door is wheelchair accessible and is located in the center of town, making it easily available.

In closing I would like to state that having the use of the Red Door for recovery meetings has been a Godsend and asset to our community!"

Recovery Program Participant

" I am very grateful for The Red Door to be supportive of Recovery Programs. There is a great need for these places in our community because of the huge drug problem. It is nice to know that loved ones can go and get the support they need for their recovery."

Parent of a Recovering Addict