Narcotic Anonymous Meetings

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

117 Main Street
Owego, NY 13827
SUNDAY 7:00pm
TUESDAY 8:00pm

Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings


Saint Paul's Episcopal Church (Mon. Thurs. Sun.)

117 Main Street
Owego, NY 13827
MONDAY Disscussion 8:00pm (Open Meeting, Handicap accessible)
THURSDAY 8:00pm (closed Meeting)
SUNDAY Discussion 6:00pm (Open Meeting)
*First Thursday Big Book Meeting
*Next To Last Thursday speaker Meeting

Gospel Chapel (Tues.)

203 North Ave
Owego, NY 13827
TUESDAY 6:00pm (Handicap accessible (except for bathrooms) Open Meeting)

Owego Campfire Group (Daily Mon-Fri)

First Presbyterian Union Church
111 Temple Street
Owego, NY
DAILY (Mon-Fri) 12:00pm (Open Meeting and Handicap accessible)

Owego United Methodist Church (Wed.)

261 Main Street
Owego, NY
Keep It Simple Group
WEDNESDAY 8:00pm (Closed Discussion and Handicap Accessible)

Goodrich Settlement Grange (Fri.)

Glenmary Drive
Owego, NY
Back to Basics Group
FRIDAY 8:00pm
Leader Type/Speaker (Closed Meeting, Handicap Access except for bathroom)
12 & 12 Last Friday Discussion

First Union Presbyterian Church (Sat.)

111 Temple Street
Owego, NY
Keep the "Plug in the Jug" Group
SATURDAY 7:00pm (Open Meeting, Handicap Accessible)
12 & 12 First Sat./ Speaker last Sat.

John Kassapian Pavilion (Fri)

Hyde Park, Owego Little League Fields
Next to Owego Creek, Talcott Street
(open air) Memorial day to Labor day
FRIDAY 9:00am


North of the Border Group (Sun)

Park Terrance Community Methodist Church
30 Glann Road
7:00pm (Closed meeting, Handicap Accessible)


Candor "Big Book" Group (Fri)

St. Marks Episcopal Church
17 Main Street
Candor, NY
FRIDAY 8:00pm (Open Meeting Handicap Accessible)


Valley Group (Sun)

First Presbyterian Church
459 Park Ave
Waverly, NY
SUNDAY 8:00pm (Open Meeting, Handicap Accessible)

You Are Not Alone Group (Mon-Sat)

Christian Life Church
Corner of Board & Clark St.
Waverly, NY
DAILY Mon-Sat 12:00pm (Closed Meeting Handicap Accessible except for bathroom)