Other Meetings in Our Area

These links provides more materials about meetings in the Waverly area and beyond:

Link to Addiction Center
Link to Valley Recovery Schedule
Link to Alcoholics Anonymous Website
Link to Narcotic Anonymous Website
Link to Al-Anon Website
Link to Nar-Anon Website
Link To N.O.P.E. Task Force Website

Partner Organizations

Ally A.D.E. (Addiction and Drug Education)

Mission Statement: "We Wish to provide families of addicts a place to share openly and to find resources while realizing they are not alone"
Meeting time: 3rd Saturday of each month at 11am. Meetings consist each month of special speakers such as members of the healthcare field, law enforcement, rehab centers, recovering addicts and the family members.
Location of Meetings: Waverly Village Hall
Contact information: Lisa Bailey
Website: https://dbailey240.wix.com/valleyade

DRIFT (Drug Rehabilitation and Intervention for Teens

Who We are: (A Non-Profit Group) A volunteer group consisting of Parents( or family members) who have lost their loved ones, law enforcement, volunteers, County Coroner Tom Carmen, Judge Mike Shaw, Pastor Anne Canfield and various medical associations volunteers.

Our Vision: To raise drug awareness through Drug Education in our schools and through parent forums throughout our community and Bradford County. To have a community free of substance abuse. We also administer the N.O.P.E. Program in our school and community.

Our Goals:

  • To raise funds to support our programs and remain self-sustaining
  • To provide prevention education to youth in our schools and for parents and families in our communities
  • To create a support network that youth can turn to for help in a confidential setting.
  • To oversee the implementation of the NOPE Program in area schools
  • To provide youth with the tools to make the correct choices to resist substance abuse in a peer setting
  • Annual 5K run "Brandon Schuchardt Race Against Addiction" to raise funds.
  • First 5K was held October 25, 2014 at McDonald's in Sayre, PA and was Zombie themed.

How Can You Help?
  • Donations
  • We need volunteers committed to making The Valley a safer place for our children through education. We also need community support through donations.
  • If you are interested in becoming involved, or want to help in any way please contact: Marleene Rohe at (507)888-4048 or via e-mail MRohe.Drift@gmail.com

*Have recovery resources you want to share! Just email them to us (opendoormissionofowego@gmail.com) and we will post them!